Eat oats can lower cholesterol

Canadian scientists recently in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” magazine published a report that if you want to lower cholesterol levels, strict diet plan can play the same effect with medication, such as tofu, oats, raw almonds and other foods have been included in this “prescription” inside.

Canadian scientists recently in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” magazine published a report that if you want to lower cholesterol levels, strict diet plan can play the same effect with medication, such as tofu, oats, raw almonds and other foods have been included in this “prescription” inside. Canadian scientists have high levels of cholesterol and there is risk of heart disease, middle-aged men and women of dietary intervention, as they developed, including raw almonds, tofu and other soy products, oats, barley, okra and eggplant and other special foods diet plan. Continue reading

Insomnia & Depression patients need standard treatment

According to authoritative medical information statistics, approximately 35% of the people are suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, fear, distress mania and other mental disorders, and people suffering from insomnia is still increasing.

However, widespread awareness of insomnia there are errors, many people think that sleep is not a disease or sleep well, no standard treatment, eat sleeping pills can be, this is extremely wrong. This wrong perception, leading to seek proper treatment of insomnia population ratio is not high the important reasons.

Insomnia against big, Can cause severe cardiovascular disease

Liaoning Provincial Corps Hospital expert Wang Jinrong reminder, insomnia, depression, mental disorders and other mental health problems if not treated, will cause mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, mental disorders and other psychiatric disorders. Not only that their immune system can also lead to decline, it is easy to get sick, cold, light, heavy lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. So, once insomnia, depression and other mental illnesses, we must advance to a professional regular hospital treatment to prevent disease progression, causing more serious consequences, affecting the quality of life. Continue reading

Natual Remedies For Acne Scars

This is a remedy which is very commonly used in many parts of the world. Mix sandalwood and rose water to form a paste. Apply this paste on your face. Let it dry and then you can wash it with cold water.

Another easy way to prevent acne scars is by not staying under the sun for too long. The sun can cause pigmentation of the skin, which make the acne marks more visible.

Being a natural cleanser, baking soda can help to relieve many skin conditions, including acne scars. Mix a small amount of baking soda in water, to make a thick paste. Dampen the acne scar-affected skin and apply the paste on it, using circular motions. Continue reading

How to Cure Lower Back Pain

Lift with your knees bent. The large muscles of your legs and buttocks are better equipped to bear heavy weight than your back muscles are. To be sure you’re lifting properly, imagine you’re balancing a bowl of soup on your head.

Chronic muscle pain can be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. What’s more, some research suggests that treatment with vitamin D supplements may lead to clinical improvement in Lower back pain symptoms among people with low initial concentrations of vitamin D

How it works: “Activities like walking, biking, and water exercise improve almost all muscle-related problems in the body,” says Katz. Exercise also stimulates feel-good endorphins, which may help reduce pain. Continue reading

Colds and flu is not the same

Many people in society, and even some medical personnel on the “cold” concept is not clear, there are many misconceptions.

In fact, “cold”, flu (influenza abbreviation), the flu (upper respiratory infection referred to) is different from the concept of prevention and treatment methods are not exactly the same. Colds and flu are caused by a viral infection of the respiratory tract. But they are two different diseases.

What is the common cold

Cold is the common cold, rather than ordinary flu, is caused by various viruses that cause a respiratory diseases, of which 30 to 50 percent by some serotypes caused by rhinovirus. Common cold, although mainly in the winter, but any season, such as spring, summer may also occur, but the different seasons of the cold pathogenic viruses are not entirely the same. Cold case distribution is sporadic, does not cause epidemic.

What are the characteristics of influenza

The most notable feature of influenza epidemic, can cause regional, national and even worldwide pandemic, so clinicians diagnose influenza pandemic is a major under. Influenza is caused by the influenza virus, the most common of influenza A virus. Continue reading

Walking : an easy way to lose weight

Do not want to diet? Do not want to do strenuous exercise? Want to thin? Walking to lose weight once and satisfy your three wishes! . Master the correct action to lose weight walking, easy to be able to burn fat, lose weight now come to learn to walk!

One, Walking

Walking, sounds simple, but the staple of activity but has a lot of benefits. “A walk after dinner, live to 99,” For women, in addition to feeling comfortable outside, walking and still lose weight.

Correct walking posture should be chest rise, strides per minute, roughly 60 to 80 meters away. Arm should swing with the rhythm of steps, the alignment should be straight, not left bend turn right. Every half an hour to one hour walk, to physical strength varies, generally sweating slightly better. Adhere to three weeks to see the weight loss. If you have decided to walk through their own fitness program, and that there are several walking exercise method for your reference. Continue reading

Home Treatments for Scabies

A bowl of fresh organic fruits like orange and apple and maybe a slice of pineapple. You can also blend these fruits together, with some water and a glass of milk and have a smoothie instead. Consuming a few cloves of garlic at breakfast should also be helpful.

Margosa oil, which has been central to traditional medicine in ancient India remains just as popular today, and has been found to contain antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Scabies are a crazy type of skin disease that’s occurs by mites (known as Sarcoptes scabiei). You can treat scabies using some right natural home remedies. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Layer creamy dark blue pencil over brown liner, focusing color on the outer third of upper lashlines. Blue makes the whites of the eyes look brighter.

An iron deficiency (aka: anemia) can definitely contribute to dark circles under the eyes. The truth is that many nutritional deficiencies can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Make sure you’re getting that multivitiman. B-vitamins, iron, and Vitamin E are essential for healthy skin. Your dark circles will disappear after just a few days with a vitamin E boost. Continue reading